15 moving tips

Moving is not fun – let’s be real. It can often be chaotic, stressful, and can easily bring a lot of headaches to everyone involved in the process. However, moving doesn’t need to be all that, and with the right moving tips, it can be a much easier experience. Below you will find 15 useful packing and moving tips even with professional movers involved, to take the pain away from the experience and provide you with a much smoother relocation process.

Find Movers

Researching different moving companies, comparing their services, reputation and prices is vital to your entire moving experience. Finding the cheapest movers on the market can seem tempting oftentimes, but keep in mind that your movers will be handling your prized possessions, and working in both your old home and the new home you’ve just purchased. You want to find reliable movers, that are licensed and insured, in order to receive the best service that you will be paying for.

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Before you start packing frantically, consider going through the items you have come to own over the years and decluttering your home. Not only will you have much less stuff to pack, move and unpack, but you could also organize a garage sale to fund your move, donate some items that someone might find use for, or throw away everything that no one could possibly ever use again. Keep in mind that this could speed up your move, and provide you with the opportunity of having to deal with unpacking of items you’ll be using only. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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Finish everything at your new home

Once you get access to your new home, consider paying it a visit and getting everything finished and prepared for your new life there. With no heavy furniture in the way that you would otherwise have to move around, consider cleaning it top to bottom, painting the walls, changing a few things that might be easier to do when its empty, and everything else that you need to do in order to move in and settle into your new home with no worries on your mind. It will never be easier to do this than at this particular moment.

Purchase boxes and other packing supplies

You’re going to be in the need of packing supplies to pack up before your move, and while there can be a lot of alternatives for packing supplies, such as trash bags, plastic containers you probably already have around your home, suitcases or totes, having some sturdy boxes and bubble wrap just in case is always a smart decision. Visit your local grocery store or liquor store for some free boxes that they might provide you with, or consider purchasing your supplies online at a good price as well.

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Alternatives for packing supplies – moving tips

As previously mentioned, there are a lot of things you can use to pack up your items instead of boxes. Laundry baskets, gym bags, trash bags and suitcases are great alternatives for boxes. This can save you some money that you would otherwise spend on packing supplies, and can hold your items safely as well. Consider stacking smaller items into bigger ones, to save up on space and make for a more efficient packing venture on your end.

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Padding alternatives

As well as packing supplies, you don’t always need to spend an arm and a leg on padding supplies. Clothing, towels, bed sheets, comforters and pillowcases are great padding alternatives, and using these items in between your most fragile items will keep them protected and much less vulnerable during the entire moving process.

Pack for an hour a day

Starting weeks ahead and packing for an hour or two a day can be a much less stressful approach than spending the entire week before your move frantically shoving items into boxes. It will also be much easier to fit in packing into your busy schedule when doing it this way, and you will stay organized more easily. If you work better under pressure, leave the packing process until the last week before your move – this is completely optional.

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Food – moving tips

A week before your move is a great time to stop replenishing your food source, as you don’t want to waste food because of your moving process. Consider maybe donating to your local food bank as an alternative if you do have something left by the time your movers arrive, or at least purchasing non-perishable foods that can survive the trip.


Instead of taking all of your clothing and folding each piece of clothing into boxes, and having to repeat the entire process in your new home, use garbage bags to keep them clean during the moving process and efficiently unpack them in your new home. Poke a hole in the bottom of the garbage bag and pull a few hangars with clothing through before securing the bottom opening of the bag. Consider also giving your moving company a call and ask for some wardrobe boxes for efficient clothing transfer as well.

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Pack an overnight box

You probably won’t want to tackle the process of unpacking as soon as you set foot inside your new home, as you will probably be too tired from the entire moving experience to do so. Instead, consider packing an overnight box or bag with your most used and essential items, to have by your side during the first day and night in your new home. Medication, a toothbrush, and change of clothing, is just a small list of things you might reach for immediately, so keep them unpacked until the night before your move.

Label in detail

You don’t want your unpacking process to be more chaotic than it needs to be, which is why labeling your boxes in detail can save you the hassle. Labeling your boxes with the rooms they go to and the contents of each will provide you with a much easier unpacking process as you will know what is in each box exactly. Also consider color coding your boxes, and pairing this packing tip with the one that follows.

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Label the rooms of your new home by color

If you have labeled your boxes with colorful labels, consider doing the same at your new home by color coding the rooms in which each box is supposed to go. This will speed up the process of your movers settling you into your home, as they will easily realize which box goes where, resulting in you also saving some money by shortening the moving process as well.

Move your boxes into a specific area

Moving your boxes into an area near the doorway can help your movers load the moving truck more efficiently, and speed up the process of your relocation a lot. It’s an extra step, but you will be in your new home, settled in, much sooner than having your movers go into each room individually to pick up a single box.

Cancel your utilities

Consider giving your internet, cable, gas, and electricity providers a call at least ten days before moving day to find out when you will be needing to cancel your utilities, and do the same to set them up at your new home as well.

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Unpack as soon as possible

You might want to unpack as soon as you set foot inside your new home, but it is smart to do so as soon as possible as you won’t want to spend a month in your new home with boxes around. Instead of unpacking all at once, unpack the contents of one individual box and place them where they need to go, and repeat the process again for a much more organized unpacking experience.