Frequently Asked Questions

Rocklin Movers offers our clients with exceptional packing services that can be customized according to how much you want us involved. Packing assistance, partial packing and full packing services are at your complete disposal when moving with us, and we our movers will ensure an unmatched packing experience during which your items protection will be guaranteed.

Once our movers finish up your entire move, and unload the last item off your truck and settle you into your new living space, you will be provided with the final bill for our services. This is when you can pay our movers, and even choose to tip them if you were satisfied with the service. We never collect any payments before your entire move is completed, and there are absolutely no hidden fees or charges when moving with Rocklin Movers.

Rocklin Movers will move your plants with no issues, but we do strongly advise our clients to do so on their own, due to the fact that our insurance doesn’t cover plants, and there is no effective way of protecting them during the relocation process. This is completely up to you, but we do care for your property and want everything on your moving day to go according to plan.

Professional moving companies are hired to take over all the hard work and heavy lifting that comes with relocating on your behalf. Rocklin Movers comes to every job fully prepared with moving dollies, plastic wrap, and blankets, along with all the needed tools to assemble your furniture. You won’t have to worry about a single thing during your move, and your mind will be at complete peace, so movers can always be worth it if you know which movers to hire.

Rocklin Movers moving crews arrive at the job with all the needed equipment in tools that are needed to disassemble and reassemble your bed and other furniture at both locations in order to ensure safer handling of your belongings and a much smoother moving experience. Your movers will take care of everything on your behalf, and there is no need to worry when moving with our dedicated moving professionals.

If you do not need assistance from Rocklin Movers to pack your belongings along with relocating them, you’ll have to pack everything before moving day. The approach and strategy you will be going for while packing is completely up to you, however, we advise our customers to safely pack their items and ensure their maximum protection so there is no damage during their transportation. Your boxes should be fully closed and secured when our movers arrive, so we can complete your move efficiently and effectively.

Tipping your movers is not mandatory or included in our moving rates when moving with Rocklin Movers. We are confident in the experience, skill set and moving knowledge of our movers enough to know that they will be able to provide you with an impeccable moving experience, and it is always a nice gesture to tip them for a job well done as much as you wish.

No matter when you are moving, reserving your movers at least three or four weeks in advance is a good way to ensure an available spot for your relocation to take place on the moving day of your choosing. If you are planning a weekend move, or an end-of-the-month move, you should consider maybe giving your movers a call five or six weeks prior to the moving day. We at Rocklin Movers also conduct short notice moves if we have the availability, so you are always free to give us a call and check for any available spots no matter how soon your move may be.

We at Rocklin Movers offer our clients with all-inclusive moving rates with no additional or hidden fees. This means that we will start charging you when we arrive at your starting location and start working, and stop charging you once our movers have completed the entire relocation process. We won’t charge you to get to your location, or to get back to our warehouse once your move is completed.

The number of movers that will be needed to complete your move in a smooth and seamless manner can differ and vary from move to move, and a number of factors need to be taken into consideration before determining the appropriate manpower needed to do so. Heavy items, stairs, the size of your move and the complexity are just a number of factors that come into play, however, our moving experts at Rocklin Movers will always suggest you the best number of movers to complete your relocation in an efficient, timely and safe manner.
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