7 Reasons to move to Rocklin Ca

Each year, more and more people decide to relocate to Rocklin, California for a large number of reasons. Not only is the community of Rocklin unique, and offers a lot for its residents, but it also offers affordable housing and a lot of housing options to choose from. If you wish to move to Rocklin, Sacramento, you are most definitely making the right decision, and if you are still wondering what our amazing community can offer you, keep reading. This Sacramento suburb that keeps on growing rapidly, is now home to almost 70,000 people and is nestled in the remarkable Placer County.

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Town is famous for its quaint, tranquil neighborhoods, an abundance of green spaces amazing for recreation, including parks and multiple golf clubs, and the best part of becoming a part of our community is that it’s conveniently located to the popular hotspots and activities in the city by being conveniently located only 6 miles away from Sacramento. If you need more reasons to make the leap and move to Rocklin, below are some of the main reasons why you will enjoy your stay.


Possibly one of the main reasons people love calling Rocklin CA home, is how conveniently it is located. Costs are growing rapidly in Coastal California, and most people are moving due to the high living costs and housing that is everything but affordable. However, most still wish to stay as close as possible to some of the most visited destinations in the country, which is why they are looking for a place to live that is not too far from the city, but far enough to find housing at a reasonable cost.

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This is exactly why living in Rocklin is so great – you won’t have to spend an arm and a leg each month to pay rent, or buy a house, and you will still be living in a suburb that is close enough to the big city to work there or enjoy its amenities and things to do. Rocklin is also situated near an abundance of recreational amenities and local attractions, and boasts some of the best schools in the country, along with amazing healthcare as well. Rocklin offers its residents the best of every world, truly.


Rocklin has earned a large number of awards and an amazing reputation over the years for the amazing healthcare that it provides its residents with. Some of the rewards that it has received include “Best Health Provider” and “Top Stroke Care”. Residents of Rocklin live with complete peace of mind, knowing that they will be on the receiving end of the best possible healthcare if they get sick. It is extremely important to live somewhere where you can be at complete peace, which is why young families are relocating to Rocklin very often, and raising their families in a great community that offers everything they could possibly need.

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Living in Rocklin will provide you with a safe community where you won’t have to worry when walking home alone at night, or fearing for your children. The entire community is tight-knit, extremely friendly and welcomes new residents with open arms. Many people are looking to move to Rocklin to settle down and raise a family, and with the low crime rates and other amazing perks of this city, you can easily see why.

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The city of Rocklin provides its residents with some of the best education in the country, striving to provide a unified atmosphere in which students can grow and expand their interests, while being provided with excellent education. Rocklin has one of the highest percentages for residents with a high-school diploma or higher. The public schools in Rocklin operate within the Rocklin Unified School District, that provides each student with the needed resources and best learning environments for them to grow and become educated citizens of the community.

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Rocklin also takes immense pride in their students, and the schools have earned many recognitions as some of the best in the nation. The Rocklin Unified School District includes 17 schools, including 11 elementary schools, two middle schools, two high schools, one continuation high school, and one independent charter school. Rocklin is also the home to two colleges, Sierra College and William Jessup University.


If you’re moving to Rocklin because of your job, we welcome you with open arms to our amazing, warm community and know you’ll love the stay. However, if you’re moving here because of everything else the city has to offer, but not because of your career, don’t stress. Rocklin boasts a large number of large employers in technology, education and retail, and the current unemployment rate in the city is quite low, sitting at 3.4%, far below the national average. Job growth is rapidly growing in the city of Rocklin, and it has increased by almost 20% during the last decade.

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The city of Rocklin is home to more than 35 parks that are well worth the visit once you’ve moved to our amazing community. No matter where you plan on going, strolling around town, sightseeing with your family, losing yourself in the amazing outdoor spaces, hiking or biking, there is an abundance of opportunities and a myriad of places where you can explore the beautiful nature and enjoy the day with your family outdoors.

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Some of the best parks in Rocklin include the Johnson Springview Park, Kathy Lund Park and Margaret Azevedo Park, if you want to switch up the pace, consider visiting Coyote Pond, Telegraph Hill, and Copps Quarry, while history enthusiasts will love paying a visit to the Rocklin History Museum, Saint Mary’s Chapel and Whitney Mansion.


As the entire community is extremely family-oriented, you will find a lot of things to do with your family and friends around the city. However, no matter how old or young you may be, the city of Rocklin will never leave you with a shortage of amenities and things to do.

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Whether you are looking for a more affordable outing, fine dining, winery touring or a simple picnic at one of the numerous parks in the city, you’ll find whatever you are looking for, and even more within Rocklin or just minutes away. Some of the popular places to be and spend time in Rocklin include Rocklin Fine Art, Out of Bounds Brewery and Hot Chili & Cool Cars, which is an annual classic car show that residents and visitors alike enjoy visiting and experiencing.