A-Z Moving Dictionary

When looking for local movers to help you out with your upcoming relocation, there is a lot of communication involved. In order to understand your professional movers better, and in order to express your needs in a better way, we prepared for you a moving dictionary that should be helpful. We believe this is used no matter how many times you used local movers up until now. Feel free to let us know if you would add something else to this list!

Apartment moving

If you ask local movers why they always say that apartment moving is different, they will say it is mainly because of the long hallways and stairs. But there is something else that you might not be aware of and that is paperwork that you might need for an apartment moving. Some buildings have their own rules and regulations, and that is why you should find local movers that are experienced in apartment moving. So, if you are planning an apartment move, make sure to find professional movers that know what they are doing.

apartment moving, New apartment dream with young woman holding a tablet computer in a chair

Arrival window

Local movers never offer a sharp time for their arrival because they cannot guarantee that, and they are not sure if they can make it sharply. That is why professional movers are offering an arrival window that can be wide sometimes. For example, if your local movers are arriving in the afternoon, after some other job, the arrival window might be wider than the morning one. But don’t worry, you can request from your local movers to give you a call before arrival.


Local movers are using moving blankets to ensure your items are protected and wrapped during the service. Professional movers always want to make sure your items are safe during the process and they will do their best that you are satisfied.

stacking furniture pads for home moving

Certificate of insurance

We mentioned paperwork needed for apartment moving, and one of those documents is a Certificate of insurance. This is a document that local movers can provide you with when you provide them with the requirements gathered from your building management. So make sure to inform your local movers that you need this document, so they have time to prepare one for you.

Certificate of insurance


A part of a standard service that local movers are offering is disassembly and reassembly of your furniture. Your furniture movers will bring the tools needed to disassemble and reassemble your furniture in order to move the items safely and efficiently.

Disassembly furniture by  professional movers


Local movers should always bring the equipment needed to provide you with the service that you deserve to have. The equipment usually includes blankets, plastic wrap, tools, moving dollies, straps, wardrobe boxes, etc.


When planning a local move, you want your professional movers to offer a service that is time-efficient. That is one of the main reasons people hire local movers.

Fees on top of the price

Different local movers offer different prices and services, so always check with your professional movers if there are some additional charges that are not included in the price. Local movers should always mention this before booking your move, but in case you are not completely sure, always double-check.

Guaranteed price

Once you get the price from local movers and book your move, the price should be guaranteed. This means that the price cannot be changed during the process. The only exception is if you change something on your own, such as requesting packing assistance, and similar.

Best price guaranteed label on white.

Hourly rate

Most local movers are offering hourly prices for their services. This means you will be charged at the end of the move when your professional movers see how much time they need to perform your move. Usually, local movers have certain minimum hours, and after that, the price is prorated.


When hiring local movers you should make sure to hire someone who is licensed and insured in order to keep your items safe and sound throughout the process. Professional movers should have at least basic coverage insurance included. If not, make sure you purchase one, because you don’t want to risk.

Property insurance concept


Professional movers will never jeopardize your belongings and will make sure that your possessions are relocated safely to your new home.

Knowledgeable movers

When hiring local movers with experience, you should hire someone who is skilled and knowledgeable to provide you with the service you deserve. Professional movers will be there to help you with any moving situation you are facing.

Labor Moving

Any moving situation where you don’t need to use a moving truck from your local movers is considered labor moving. There are various services that include loading, unloading, arranging furniture around the home, packing only, and similar. You shouldn’t be doing it on your own, because there are many affordable movers around and you can make sure your items are safe during the move.

Local vs Long Distance Moving

There is a difference between local moving and long-distance moving. Local movers are there to help you with short distance relocations, while long-distance movers can help you move across the state.

Moving dollies

Moving dollies are a part of the equipment local movers are using when you have something excessively heavy that needs to be handled. That is why it is important to be honest with your local movers when it comes to heavy items.

Green and Empty Hand Truck

Narrow street

When living in small neighborhoods, streets might be narrow. Give a heads-up to your local movers and let them know about this, so they can coordinate the right moving truck that can fit the street. When this is the situation, also try to get a parking permit, so your local movers have where to park the truck once they get to your location.

Illuminated Accorn Street in the Evening, Boston


What makes a good move exceptional is a good organization. Your local movers will definitely assist with this, but you should be able to create a timeline that will help you keep an eye on the process and don’t forget anything along the way.

Office moving

Office moving, or better yet, commercial moving is any relocation where you are hiring local movers to help you with the relocation of your business. No matter the business type, you should find furniture movers that will treat it like it’s their own. We can just imagine how valuable your business is to you, and of course, you don’t want to put it into everyone’s hands. So choose wisely and hire the best local movers you can find.

Professional movers

Don’t settle for less than professional movers when hiring someone to help you. There are many local movers around Rocklin, but you should always think of the safety of your items in the first place.

Two professional movers carrying a man with headphones on a sofa

Packers and movers

You probably know already, but local movers can help you with both – packing and moving. It is not a part of their standard offer, but it can be requested additionally. Having professional movers helping you with the move is amazing because you will be having someone skilled to help you and that someone will make sure your items are safe and sound from point A to point B.

Men Packing The Chair With Plastic. Packers and movers


Getting a quote from local movers can be over the phone or via email. Most of the time, when it comes to local moving, these quotes are provided via phone, without the in-home estimate. That is why you should be prepared to answer some basic questions about your home that local movers will ask.

Residential moving

Moving from one home to another is better known as residential moving. Most of the local movers do start their business by helping their community move residentially. It is one of the most enjoyable services for all furniture movers because you are participating in a valuable event in someone’s life.


Local movers are using straps when they need to handle something that is considered excessively heavy items. This is a part of the equipment that even the affordable movers have, so if you have something heavy, ask whether the movers will be using straps. Most local movers will mention this on their own.

Storage moving

Sometimes relocation is not as simple as moving from one home to another, but a bit more complex – including storage units. Local movers can help you with moving in or out of a unit, and you just have to find one that suits you. These relocations require a bit more logistics, but at the end of the day, storage moving can be less stressful than moving from one home to another. Reasons for having to use a storage unit are various, so don’t panic, but call your local movers and ask for help.

Trained professional movers

Having local movers that know how to handle any situation and every moving project with skills is a luxury. So you should be happy if you are able to find trained professional movers because they will make sure your relocation is done safely and efficiently.

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Transparent movers

Any local movers you are hiring should be transparent about their services and rates. The key to a successful relocation is good communication, and there is nothing more helpful than being transparent about everything. At the end of the day, you want to plan a moving budget as well, so you should value transparent local movers.


This is one of the tasks where local movers cannot assist, so you will have to organize yourself on this. Make a plan and set a deadline when the unpacking needs to be done. This will help you start the action instead of having to live with a bunch of boxes.

Various moving services

Local movers are offering various moving services, such as – storage moving, labor jobs, residential moving, commercial relocation, packing assistance, and similar. No matter what type of moving project you are planning, your local movers can probably help you out, so don’t hesitate to check out.

Wardrobe boxes

Wardrobe boxes are used by professional movers to relocate your hanging clothes without the need to pack them one by one. Local movers are frequently using these as part of their standard service. How that works? Local movers bring wardrobe boxes and you can use them free of charge during the move. There is always the option to purchase them from your local movers in case you are moving into the storage unit or across the state. In that case, you can keep them. Each wardrobe box can fit between 20 to 25 hangers, so you can choose ahead of time how many you might need.

Moving boxes near wardrobe in dressing room

Weight limit

Local movers do have a weight limit for particular items. The main reason for that is because they want to keep your items safe during the process. So, if you have something like a piano, a pool table, a safe, or anything that is an unusual household item – mention it to your local movers. Most furniture movers have a limit that is between 400 and 450 lbs per item.

Xtreme dedication

Local movers that are professional and experienced will be dedicated to offering you a stress-free and smooth moving experience that will fit all of your needs. It is one of the reasons why you should be careful when hiring professional movers, and always be eager to find the company that cares about its clients.

Your needs

Local movers that care about their clients and the reputation of their business will definitely want to hear more about your needs and requests. Not just that, but they will try to create a moving plan that will fit all of your needs, so the moving day goes by without any stress.


Moving includes more than finding just local movers to help you out. Before hiring a furniture movers, you will have to find your new home. Zillow is one of the places where you can choose from a variety of homes in different neighborhoods and with a different price range. You probably already know about Zillow, but it doesn’t hurt to remind you. Also, before calling your local movers, if you are not sure about the square footage of your home, it can usually be found here, if the home is listed for sale.

A man searches for a single family home in the Bay Area from the Zillow website on his laptop at home.

And if you are looking for local movers that can meet all of your needs and expectations, you are in the right place. Feel free to reach out to Rocklin Movers to get your free moving quote! We are here for you 7 days a week and we will be more than happy to assist with our expertise and knowledge. Looking forward to talking to you!