How to Save Money During Your Move to Rocklin

You’ve finally made the decision to make the move and have set up a budget for the process, but you can’t help but wonder: How do I fit all of these expenses into this budget I’ve just created? Moving can easily get very costly, especially if you don’t tread carefully. While hiring movers seems like a luxury for most, people often don’t realize that moving on your own can come to almost the same exact cost, if not more when not done properly.

If you want the best of both worlds, which means hiring affordable movers that will actually fit into your budget and keep you on track – you need to know where to look and where to cut the costs in order to save money. Some parts of your move that are not as important can be done at a much smaller cost, which is exactly why you should follow our favorite money-saving tips and tricks and make sure your budget movers deliver a positive moving experience for you. 


Packing supplies are the part of your move where you can get really, really creative. You don’t have to use supplies specifically made for moving, although you do need to make sure all of your supplies are actually in good condition. Worn boxes can lead to them breaking and all of your contents getting damaged, or even worse open up and have your contents flying around the truck during transit. There are some general rules about packing that you should follow, like to never overpack your boxes and keep the heavy items separate and packed into smaller boxes. However, you want to save money here – so let’s get started!

girl writing 'fragile' on box

Pay a visit to your local businesses 

Your local bookstore, liquor store, or supermarket might have some free supplies like boxes that you can use to pack up your belongings. Liquor stores often have those boxes with compartments that are an amazing dupe for dish packs. If you find those boxes and the compartments are adjustable – you might’ve just hit the jackpot. Again, do make sure that these supplies you’ve just scored are in decent condition.

Kill two birds with one stone and use what you already have

Your linens, towels, and blankets are items you already have to pack anyway, so why not use them instead of buying pricey packing materials? Use these items to line your boxes, fill empty spaces and pad your fragile items in order to ensure their complete safety during handling and transit. Instead of purchasing packing peanuts to line smaller boxes and pad them, you can use newspapers. There are so many ideas when you get creative that can actually help you save money during the process of packing – just use what you have and make sure to make the best of it. 

worried woman leaning on box

If your affordable movers don’t offer wardrobe boxes free of charge, don’t purchase them

If they do offer wardrobe boxes for free – use them, definitely. However, if this is not an option, don’t waste money on buying them. While they are pretty convenient and a great way to efficiently pack up and transport your clothing, there are definitely other options for packing up your clothes.

Instead of folding them in a box and having nightmares about unpacking them, take all of your hangars, secure them together and put a trash bag over them. Poke a hole in the middle of the bottom of the bag – this is where you will pull your hangars through. This way, your clothes won’t get dirty during transit, and you don’t have to pack each piece individually. It will also be a lifesaver when unpacking, too.


This is the best time to do some decluttering 

There is no better time than the present, right? Eventually, you’ll have to go through everything you’ve come to own over the years and start tossing everything you no longer use. This is the best time to do so. Not only will you feel a lot better without the added weight – literally, but you will also have less to move, less time to spend on your move, and therefore, less money will be needed for your move. Make piles for tossing, donating, repairing, keeping, and selling. Make sure to get detailed here and truly focus on what you really want to bring into the new chapter of your life. The more you get rid of – the less you will have to move, which is exactly what you need if you are moving on a budget.

If you can, disassemble everything 

Your affordable movers will most likely provide this service free of charge on the day of the move, but disassembly does take time. The more time your pro movers spend moving – the more you will be paying. And this is where you can cut the corners. Take some basic tools and start disassembling everything you possibly can, so they don’t have to once they arrive at your doorstep. This will save you a lot of time on moving day and you will be more than happy that you did this. 

movers loading furniture into a moving van

Wrap as much as you possibly can

If you happen to have some shrink wrap, wrap up your furniture. Make sure every corner is covered, and that you’ve secured everything nicely and padded it with shrink wrap. The more you wrap up before the move, the less you will have for your affordable movers to wrap – resulting in a cheaper move. You might’ve gotten the memo. 

Labeling and placement is key 

Labeling everything in detail, especially writing down the rooms everything is going to – will result in your movers already knowing where to place your items at the destination. Less time equals… You’ve guessed it. Less money to pay for the move! Another little trick is to cut the loading time of the truck by almost half – place as much as you can near the entrance of your home. This will have your affordable movers go literally in and out of your home loading the truck more efficiently instead of having to go up and down some stairs for a box or two. 

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Moving off-season is much cheaper than a summer move 

Everyone loves moving in the summer – no school, nice weather and generally it’s when people love to make changes in their lives. While you might be tempted to move in June, do keep in mind that this is one of the most expensive months to do so. You would be surprised how much cheaper it is to move during the winter months, so if you are looking to save a large amount of money for your move – this is the best advice you could take from this article. Save your move for the colder months of the year and save hundreds of dollars during the process. Yes, it’s THAT much cheaper.

mover standing in front of a moving van

Hire affordable movers for a part of your move

You don’t have to hire budget movers for your entire relocation – you can definitely bring those boxes on your own. If you are moving locally, have your local movers bring only the largest pieces of furniture to your new home or simply have them only load up your truck and prep your items. Hiring movers for just a portion of your move can be very cost-effective and you will still receive the heavy lifting service you are looking for.

Ask for help from friends and family 

While your affordable movers are working, have your friends and family help out – too! Help is always more than welcome, and having a few extra pairs of hands on the day of the move can immensely speed up the entire process. As we’ve already established, the less time you spend hanging out with your movers, the less money you will be paying for the move itself. Cut the party short by calling up some of your closest people to help you out with your move. They will surely be more than happy to! 

Do make sure that they are safe during the entire moving process. Don’t have your friends with no experience lifting heavy items, leave that to the movers. Moving injuries can be pretty serious when you don’t know what you are doing – and safety is everyone’s main priority. 

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The bottom line is that you want to save money, and the only way to do that is to really get creative with some of the less important parts of your move and get the most bang for your buck. You can still hire affordable movers, even if you are on a budget and still have a great moving experience even without deep pockets. It’s understandable to spend a lot of money when moving house and having a tight budget for your move is completely normal. Hopefully, we’ve been able to help out with some money-saving tips and ensure a pleasant moving experience for yourself and your family!

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