10 Tips For Hiring Professional Movers

It’s your first time moving, and you have no idea whether or not you’ll hire a moving company. The biggest dilemma in the world of moving is choosing between a DIY move and hiring a moving company.

The biggest reason for this is of course, the cost to hire movers. While it is more cost effective to do it yourself and just wing it, hiring movers would mean that you don’t have to hurt your back and force your muscles to pick up and load heavy furniture into the truck.

Also, you would need to hire a driver or rent a truck and drive it yourself. So it is very time effective to hire movers. The cost to hire movers varies and depends on your move size and moving needs. If you end up hiring movers to do the work instead of you, you made a great choice! Since you’re new at this, you have no idea how it works. Luckily for you, we are here to help you out. Here are 10 best tips for hiring professional movers and what to expect from them:

We need to explain how the moving process works first. In our minds, it’s just 2 movers and a truck, loading the truck and lifting heavy pieces. The advantage to hiring movers is actually a lot more than we think.

No one can protect and keep your furniture protected except for professionals who are trained to do it. Your belongings would be packed professionally, and you won’t have to waste a second of your time for the entire moving process. So moving isn’t just loading the truck with heavy furniture. It’s a process that requires experience, effort and dedicated time. 

Disassembly and reassembly of furniture is included in the service

So what service should you expect when hiring movers?

  • Disassembly and reassembly of your furniture;
  • Plastic wrap and moving blankets for protection;
  • Packing services and packing supplies (boxes, tape, dish packs, etc);
    Transport of fragile objects;
  • Insurance;

Once you find out that you’re moving, you feel like it’s impossible to avoid the stress that comes along with the news. Doing research and hiring a good moving company can help in having a good moving experience and in the meantime take that stress off your back.

Use google and research

Use Google to your advantage

Could you imagine all the things we could have achieved if we had Google back in the days? Use it to your advantage and do research. Look for reviews, recommendations, years of business, yelp ratings, and write names of a couple of moving companies on a piece of paper.

The best way would be to ask your neighbors, friends or family to help you and refer moving companies that they moved with in the past. That way you will know first hand what kind of an experience to expect when moving with them. Moving companies rely on word of mouth, so if you see a bad rating, avoid hiring them.

When you see good ratings, consider hiring them because you have written proof that they did a good job. Once you have a couple of names written in your notes, it’s time to call moving companies and get estimates.

Don’t be charmed on your first call

Don’t be smitten with talk 

It might sound very appealing to hire someone on your first call because of an awesome service they offer and a charming conversation, but it’s important to get a couple of estimates before you hire movers. Cost to hire movers is different and everyone can offer different things.

You can’t choose if you don’t have anything to choose between. It’s not easy to give your trust to strangers, especially when it comes to your precious belongings, so choosing the right company affects your entire moving experience.

At the end of the day, you just want to be safely moved from one location to another. The person you are talking with on the other side of the phone is a sales representative that sells you the service they provide.

Don’t be smitten with small talk and charming conversation. Once you hear everyone out, compare notes that you’ve previously taken and then it’s time to decide who would be the best fit. 

Be honest and expect honesty

The cost to hire movers can change if your moving needs change. If you want transparent and honest rates, make sure you do the same and be clear about what you’re moving. For example, moving a piano requires special equipment and a minimum of four movers.

If you fail to mention that you own one and that you need to move it, the best that can happen is that your movers refuse to move it. The worst, your piano will be damaged because it won’t be moved with the required tools and equipment.

Any heavy or special items that require special care should be mentioned before getting an estimate, otherwise you can expect additional costs at the end. The cost to hire movers varies and it depends on the amount of your belongings and if any changes are made for your move, changes will be made for the rates. Both parties need to be honest to each other in order for the move to be successful. 

Ask about insurance 

Let’s be real, accidents do happen, and we can’t always blame them on someone. But in order to have a steady mind during your move, you have to have insurance for your belongings. Most moving companies offer insurance when moving you, but if they don’t mention it, don’t be afraid to ask.

Keep in mind that insurance is the only thing that can guarantee your belongings arriving safely at your destination. Scheduling a company without insurance will only bring you stress and worries, so do your best to avoid them. 

businessman giving contract to woman to sign

Read what you sign

When booking a move, you are supposed to receive a confirmation email and a binding agreement between you and your moving company. That agreement should contain your move information, agreed price between you and your movers, and any fees that would be present.

It is a legally binding document between you and them and before signing it, read it. If there is anything that you didn’t agree upon, contact your moving company and set things straight with them. 

If you are confused, ask for an explanation

If you don’t understand, ask.

It is important to communicate with the moving company you hired. Moving company scams are not uncommon, so you want to make sure a moving company you hired is legit. If something in the contract looks fishy, trust your instincts and ask questions.

You don’t want your moving company to hold your things hostage and force you to pay extra costs at the end, when all you need to do is ask and set things straight. 

Everything has to be legit

Literally, everything. Main things to consider when looking out to have a stress free move is whether or not the moving company is legit. With reviews, research and right questions, you can easily find a legit moving company and have a peace of mind.

Considering the cost to hire movers, if the company isn’t legit, you can get surprised with additional fees at the end. Hiring a legit moving company can help you have peace of mind during the moving process. 

Check if anything is damaged

Check your belongings for potential damage

As mentioned before, accidents do happen, and sometimes we can’t avoid them. The best thing you can do is to check your belongings after the move and determine any possible damage while your movers are still there.

Of course, it’s not possible to open every single box to check your items, so if you realize that you have damaged belongings after your movers leave, don’t worry.

You can always call your moving company and start a claim. No one wants damaged belongings, but we have to keep in mind that sometimes accidents are unavoidable and moving heavy pieces isn’t an easy job. Because of that, make sure you have a positive mind no matter what happens. If you hired the right company, you can hold onto the insurance they provide. 

Find a professional company

Cost to hire movers is different for everyone because every move is different. Hiring a moving company that has been in business for a couple of years has more benefits than hiring a company that just opened up for example.

The company that is in the business for a longer time means they probably have professional and well trained movers. You want your furniture to be moved with care and professionals.

Finding a right company can be a little bit challenging, but with a thorough research you at least maximize your chances of having a successful move. Finding professionals means finding a moving company with trained movers that had been in business for a longer time. 

Prepare your budget ahead of time

If you are on a budget, set it up on time

Cost to hire movers can change if you need to make changes to your move, so before even calling for estimates, make sure you set up a budget. It shouldn’t cost a fortune, but be prepared to pay a significant amount to move your belongings from point A to point B.

There are no cheap moving companies, some of them may have cheap rates, but you will still pay a large amount of money to move. Don’t stress too much about moving and setting up a budget because that will only make a mess in your head and your entire moving experience will end up being a waste.

Setting up your budget will help you stick to it once the moving day comes closer. Calculate all costs for moving such as packing supplies, packing service, moving service, special item move or anything else that can affect your cost to hire movers. 

After your move is complete and you liked what you got, give your moving company a review. The moving industry relies heavily on word of mouth and they value the opinion of their customers above anything else.

Share a review based on your previous move and help those folks out to survive in the competition. Also, now is a good time to refer your moving company to someone who is moving.

Fun Fact

On average a local moving company has been in business for about 10 years. Around 44% of household moves are completely handled by a moving company and 38% of business moves are managed by professional movers. About 50% of those moves are done in the summer months.

Finding a right moving company is not easy, but with the right tips you can surely find a great fit. Once you schedule your move, you are one step closer to end the long lasting battle between stress and enjoyment.