Should You Hire Professional Movers or Move On Your Own?

Moving is one of those things that most people would rather avoid entirely because it can cost a lot of money, time, and energy that you probably need most when you are moving. You need to spend weeks actually handling the logistics of your relocation, assessing a moving budget, and breaking down the costs of every part of your move to ensure everything fits in perfectly.

You need to give yourself a few weeks to actually pack up for the move, and having as much time for this as possible is going to ensure you do this part correctly. When it comes to the actual moving day, however, you are unsure if you should move on your own or hire pro movers to assist you with it. Thankfully, we have all the information you could possibly need – just make sure to keep reading! 

Do you want to save time?

If you hire a professional moving company that has trained, experienced movers that are more than capable of handling your relocation, you will actually save a lot of time and energy this way than doing a move on your own. Even with the help of your entire neighborhood, two pairs of experienced hands in the art of moving are unbeatable if we are talking about efficiency.

They will bring all the tools and necessary equipment for your move that can actually speed up the process and save you tons of time at the end of the day. If you are moving and working against the clock – you should probably hire pro movers.

hourglass with red sand grains

Moving on your own

Doing a self-move is stressful on its own, but when you realize that a 3-hour job has turned into a two-day excursion due to the lack of experience in the field, you might just want to cancel this journey completely. Moving should be exciting, and you should be focused on the more important parts of this life-changing event like decorating the home you’ve just purchased.

Spend time exploring your new neighborhood, the food, and entertainment scene, what your neighbors are like. While you can still do this even when moving on your own, you will feel so drained from the moving process itself that you will need some time to recover. If you want to move and save time – pro movers take the win on this one. 

Do you have a tight budget? 

Hiring movers is definitely worth it – but not everyone has a budget large enough to afford this luxury. Not only that but a great experience is not always guaranteed. You need to be careful about the pro movers you are planning to hire, in order to avoid scams and unpleasant experiences that can do more harm than good.

However, pro movers offer a complete service with every little expense already calculated into their rates, meaning that you will most likely have no other moving-related expenses aside from your motivated movers. If they do their job efficiently and successfully, you might even receive an experience that is more cost-effective than moving on your own. If budget is an issue, you need to sit down and make a decision for yourself based on your preferences and needs, because it’s most likely going to be a draw in this category.

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Moving on your own

When you move on your own, you are in complete control of the expenses and what is being spent and what it is being spent on. You get to cut corners wherever you seem fit and splurge in the more important areas of your relocation process. However, if you are moving valuable items, antiques, pianos, artwork, etc. you might want to consider hiring pro movers to handle your relocation. If anything is damaged during your move due to the lack of experience, you might find yourself in a much more expensive situation than you’ve budgeted for initially.

While professional movers can easily get costly, moving on your own incorrectly can do more harm than good. Depending on the size of your move, how complex it is, and how risky it might be to move on your own, you can decide on which option is more cost-effective for your specific situation. This one is definitely a draw – because it is completely individual.

Do you own valuable items? 

A professional moving company that is reliable, licensed, and insured trains its movers to the highest possible standards in the industry. This includes special training for handling items high in value, protecting them at all costs, and ensuring their safety from start to finish. They will know the best techniques of wrapping, padding, and handling in order to maximize safety during the entire relocation process, so if you are worried about your expensive china or piano – you might want to turn to professional movers to take care of them.

You will have someone accountable for your valuables during the move, and someone knowledgeable enough to take care of them and deliver them to the destination with the least chance of any damage. In this category – pro movers probably take the win.

mover carrying couch through doorway

Moving on your own

If you have moved your valuables before, you might just have enough knowledge and experience to do it again, safely. However, if you are moving on your own to save some money and end up damaging your most expensive possessions, you will quickly come to the realization that this wasn’t much cheaper than hiring pro movers. In fact, it might’ve just gotten more expensive.

Items high in value need to be taken care of properly, secured on the moving truck, and loaded or unloaded with absolute care and caution. Expensive, heavy items such as a piano, a grandfather clock, etc. might require movers specialized in moving these types of items specifically, so you can be sure that everything is going to go smoothly on the day of the move. Pro movers have to take the win here solely based on experience. 

Do you want to be in control of your move? 

If you have made the decision to hire pro movers to help you out with your upcoming move, you might be wondering if you will have any say in the entire process. The answer is yes, and no. Yes in a sense that you can definitely communicate with your motivated movers and let them know if you want any items additionally wrapped, where you want those boxes placed and which items you want to be loaded last on the truck so you can grab them first at the destination.

No as in, everything else will be done how your local movers think might be the best way to do so. They complete thousands upon thousands of moves annually, so they probably know the most efficient ways to help you move from point A to point B – even if you maybe would have done something differently. If you are looking for control during the process of moving, maybe you should skip hiring pro movers for your upcoming transition. 

mover with woman next to a moving van

Moving on your own

Doing a self-move gives you complete say and control over everything that is going on during the process, which is something that might be extremely important to you. You might want to tackle every phase of your move in a specific manner, and that is completely normal and okay. While you might not get this luxury with pro movers, moving on your own will give you just that.

You decide the starting time of your move, when it ends and how long it will take, which items go first on the truck, and which items you won’t pay much attention to. You are in charge of the entire move, which might frighten some people. Others love being in control of such an important event in their life and prioritize being in charge over everything else, so if this is the case with you – definitely move on your own. 

Do you value privacy? 

Of course, to some extent, we all value privacy. However, most people don’t think about this part of their moving experience, even though it’s quite important. Your pro movers are strangers who will go through everything you’ve come to own over the years, which is something you might not care as much about, or care deeply about.

You need to decide where you stand here because feeling uncomfortable about strangers going through your possessions is not a stress-free experience pro movers are meant to provide you. If you don’t really care about this part of the moving process and realize that professional movers conduct dozens of moves weekly, then hiring professional movers might be the right decision for you. 

man packing glass in box

Moving on your own

If in fact, you stand on the other end and can’t fathom the idea of random people going through your possessions, you might want to move on your own. This way, you will have yourself, and those closest to you like family and friends helping out, which may put your mind at ease during the process of moving. The entire point of this article is to make your relocation and transition into your new life chapter easy and enjoyable, whether it includes professional help, or not. If you don’t want to go through the stress of feeling uncomfortable during the relocation process, hiring pro movers might just not be the right decision for you. 

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